A big thank you to the management of KPFT for your new show, Adopt a Friend with Anne Kilgore. What a helping hand you have extended to the Houston area rescue community and to all of the homeless animals that we try to help. I am sure there will be new listeners and new supporters of your station as the word spreads. Thank you so much and all the animals that will find their new homes because of this exposure say thank you in advance.

For those of you reading this thank you. Anne Kilgore has a 2 minute spot at 5:58 PM on FM 90.1 to showcase and spotlight homeless animals in the area. Also, the animals will even be on the KPFT website. To see them, go to WWW.KPFT.ORG and scroll down toward the bottom to New Daily Feature: Adopt a Friend.

KPFT is a soley listener sponsored radio station. I am sure the rescue community will want to support Adopt a Friend. If you are so inclined to donate, please go to the website and mention that you want to donate and support Adopt a Friend.