In Memory of Sandra L. Olsen

Thank you to the Galveston Upires Association for the donation made in the name of Sandra L Olsen, the mother of a close friend, Deb Olsen. The dedication is written by Ms. Olsen's daughter, Tessa Sendejas

Please accept this donation in memory of my mother, Sandra L. Olsen who passed away recently on January 31, 2007. She was an avid protector of anything furry and had a particular fondness for her friends of the canine persuasion. Her love for animals was great and a dog in need never crossed her path unnoticed or unloved.

Thank you, Galveston Umpires Association and Tessa Sendejas and God bless Sandra Olsen and her kind heart. This donation will go to help an animal in Sandra Olsen's memory.